Want something portable, efficient, and budget friendly? The MSpa is just the spa for you. with innovative air jets positioned just right for the best relaxation and hydro therapy at a wonderful cost. Come by and check one out today in the store. 


Cove Spa

Cove Spas offer high volume circular flow, which is the superior form of hydrotherapy, and it’s perfected in their round tubs!  Cove Spas give you superior whirlpool therapy.  Simple and affordable, they don’t have all the “bells and whistles” that some tubs depend on, but Cove does have a lifetime warranty on their durable poly shells.  They offer value without sacrificing quality.  Reliability is crucial.  Every fitting is clamped and glued and the components used are found in tubs that are two or three times the price.  And every tub is water tested twice to assure that reliability is second to none!


Garden Leisure

Garden Leisure spas are built to last and designed for comfort, offering everything spa owners wish to have.

High performance equipment coupled with a wide variety of jets ensures owners true hydrotherapy.  Garden Leisure spas include top-of-the-line amenities create that feeling of being on vacation and will add a sense of serenity

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